Word Online – Can We Move Pictures?

Word Online – Can We Move Pictures?

Word Online is a very efficient tool. Using it you can insert any kind of pictures into your Word document. Later you will be able to cut this picture and paste it for moving within Word document. It is possible to apply such formatting as paragraph, either centering or vertical spacing. Note that if your picture has a fixed position or text wrapping on your page, it is not allowed to move pictures which have been inserted with the help of Word desktop version.

Some users can’t apply any changes to their picture. Most probably, they have Word desktop version. So, they have to press “Open in Word” in order to open the document in Microsoft Word and apply needed changes to the layout.

Once, everything is done, you will need to press the key combination “Ctrl+S” in order to save the document in the original place. After saving, you have to open the same document once again, but this time in Word Online. Here, you can finish the editing process. Your layout settings which have been done in the desktop version will be retained by Word Online.

As you can see Office applications are very efficient. You should visit the official website of Office and get the one you find the best. Note that all applications of Office get updated all the time. A lot of new features get launched. That is why you should follow all the updates, announcements and news.

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