PowerPoint Master Slide – What Are The Pros And Cons

PowerPoint is one of the best software with numerous features for creating stunning presentations. The majority of features work very smooth, while some of them may work against users. Some presenters consider Master Slides to be a wonderful tool, but some people find it quite frustrating. In this article, you will discover all pros and cons of Master Slides and you will decide for yourself if they are harm or help for your preparation. Below, you will find the list of Master Slides pros and cons.

The main pros of Master Slides:
  • Interesting custom slide templates

    When you design your presentation in PowerPoint, you will face a big drawback that most ppt presentations look alike. Using Master Slides you will be able to crate a unique design thanks to custom slide templates.

  • Easy consistency

    You should always pay attention on consistency when you work on professional and polished designs. The executing is very simple if you use Master Slides. After assigning the main preferences of your style, they will be applied to the entire presentation automatically. Your slides will be consistent and cohesive. If you want t change the style, the only thing you will need to do is to edit the slyle in Master Slide and the entire presentation will be modified.

  • Multiple options

    It is very easy to make a stunning custom template for a single component in your PowerPoint presentation such as your title page. You can choose between 4 categories: Hangout Master, Notes Master, Title Slide Master, and Slide Master. You can choose a certain area and work on customizing it.

  • Save your templates

    The best capability of Master Slides is that it is very simple to save custom ppt templates and use them as many times as you wish. This will create your own branding style.

    The main cons of Master Slides:
  • Design savvy

    When it comes to your own design experience, you face the drawback of Master Slides. Using this feature you create your own slide designs completely from scratch. Users who are not so experienced in design, will find the process very overwhelming and frustrating. For sure, there is nothing motivational in a blank slate.

  • Small tweaks

    Custom templates are great and we all apply them to our PowerPoint presentations. However, their functionality is not perfect. If you want to vary a single PowerPoint slide in design and style, you will not be able to do this directly in Master Slides.

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