SharePoint Online – Navigating Options

When you create pages with the help of SharePoint Online you should know that these pages include four links in the left corner of every page. All these links are hidden. In order to get access to these hidden links you have to place the cursor in your Internet Explorer browser in the web address bar or simply you can press F6 on your keyboard. Then you must press the key “Tab” until you can see the tool tips for every link. Also you can hear the feedback which is audible, which is the name of your link from the screen reader.

SharePoint Online – Great Accessibility Features

All sites which you make in SharePoint are packed with great accessibility features. These features will help you a lot. In this article you will learn the basic information about common tasks in SharePoint Online (note, we will work with screen reader). In fact, it is very easy to make sites in SharePoint Online on regular basis. Users of SharePoint Online are recommended to use the browser Internet Explorer.

Pictures In PowerPoint Presentations – Removing Backgrounds

Your PowerPoint presentation contains a picture. You want to remove a background from your picture. How can we do this? Modern computer technologies offer us a great variety of efficient tools for designing visually appealing presentations. However, you do not have to be a professional artist or designer to make your PowerPoint presentation look stylish. You will not need even complicated or pricey software. PowerPoint program offers its users a lot of efficient built-in tools, such as editing images and photos a breeze.

Adding Logo Of Your Company To Google Slide Presentations

Would you like to add the logo of your company to Google Slides presentations? All basic information regarding your organization should be added at the bottom side of your presentation slides. Every slide of your presentation varies on the content. It is very important to keep the general consistency all around your entire Google Slides Presentation. We recommend you to add such information as your website address, logo and name st the bottom side of every presentation slide.

Creating Killer PowerPoint Presentation

Would you like to create a PowerPoint presentation that will kill your target audience? We have prepared some useful tips in this article. Nowadays, according to the most recent polls around ninety percent of people use Google Documents on a weekly basis. As for Google Slides, around twenty percent use this application on a weekly basis. At the same time, all specialists consider Google Slides to be a wonderful and very efficient tool for creating presentations. So, if you have never used Google Slides application, you should start right now.

PowerPoint Animation – Adding Interesting Sound Effects

Would you like to add some animation effects to your PowerPoint presentations? You can get good results by adding interesting and matching sound effects. The goal is to make your PowerPoint slides as interesting as possible. This will help you engage your target audience to maximum. Your bullet points and images can be spiced up by adding animation effects or adding sound effects. Anyways, animation works great in PowerPoint presentations! You should follow there instructions if you want to create truly interesting PowerPoint slides.

PowerPoint For Mac OS – Cropping Images To Fit Shapes

This tutorial will be useful for Mac users. You will learn how to crop various images in PowerPoint in order to fit your shapes. It is very important to make your PowerPoint presentation as visual and stylish as possible. In such a case, PowerPoint shapes are one of the best tools to make visual presentations. Once you start applying shapes, they will get some extra space which will easily draw the eyes of your target audience. Also, your information will be easier to understand and memorize. If you want to add some extra visual flair, it is also possible to crop images in order to make it fit in an automatic mode inside your PowerPoint shape.