Google Slides – Arranging Various Objects

This article will be useful for users of Google Slides when they want to arrange various objects inside their slides. It is possible to select a single object on your presentation slide or multiple of them. In order to select several objects at the same time you have to hold the key “Shift” on the keyboard and click on every object you want to see selected.

Google Slides – How Should We Use This App?

Do you know how to use Google Slides app properly? This is a great online application for creating stunning presentations. Using Google Slides app you are able not only to make presentations but also to format them and work with many other people at the same time.

Environment Of Google Slides

Are you ready to start your work with Google Slides Environment? In this article you will find lots of useful information on how to understand and navigate your Google Slides working environment. You are going to learn the basics of Google Slides, such as using the shortcut toolbar and menu, zooming in/out and playing your new Google presentation.

Google Slides – Getting Started With A New Presentation

You have a great chance to make dynamic presentations using Google Slides. Such innovative presentations include all elements of traditional presentations created, for example in PowerPoint: narrations, videos, animation, images, etc. This article will be helpful for people who use Google Slides for the first time and have to start from the very beginning. You are going to learn about the interface of Google Slides and basics about themes.

Playing Your Google Slide Presentation

The process of arranging Google slides is very interesting and creative. However, once the arrangement of slides is finished, it is time to play your Google presentation. This is a very important step for your preparation to present Google Slide Show to your target audience.

Google Presentation – Usage Of Blank Slides

Would you like to have much more control over your presentation content? This goal can be easily achieved once you try to use black Google Slides. You should know that such blank slides contain absolutely no placeholders. It is very convenient to customize such blank slides in your Google presentation simply by adding different kinds of pictures, boxes, charts and many other objects.

Changing Google Slides Theme

This article will help you to solve the task with your slide theme change. There is a very quick way to alter a color palette and layout of absolutely all Google Slides by modifying the current theme of your Google presentation.