Dropbox Paper – Adding Comments, Stickers And Media

Dropbox Paper is a wonderful tool. It can serve you as an alternative to Google Documents. You can even add comments and stickers to newly created document in Dropbox. It is possible to add not only in-line comments to your Dropbox documents, but also it is very easy to add animated emojis or stickers. This can be a dinosaurs, cats or wizards.

A Good Alternative To Google Documents – Dropbox Paper

Do you work with Google Docs? You should know that there is a good alternative to this app which is called Dropbox Paper. Design is elegant and very simple. Once you try Dropbox Paper you will agree that this is a very powerful tool for collaboration which has some efficient features. Here is a short introduction on how Dropbox Paper differentiates from Google Docs.

Google Apps – Slack Integration

Would you like to get your work done much faster using Google apps such as Google Slides? You can do this using integration with “Slack”. Once you discover this new integration you will take your work productivity to a completely new level. Google has integrated with Slack quite recently and now all users can enjoy sharing and making files in Drive directly in Slack – this is so awesome and convenient!

Google Slides Updates – Real Time Cursor For Text Content

Google Slides launches interesting updates all the time and one of them is Real Time Cursor For Text Content. Google Slides is very efficient for collaboration. It has a special feature which allows users to see what your teammates are working on. Their work can be seen with the help of real time text cursor. Once your teammates have applied any changes, you will see all of them and you will have a clear idea who made these changes.

Google Slides – Assigning Action Items

This is a very useful skill to learn the way of assigning various action items in Google Slides/Docs/Sheets.

MS Office Integration – iOS And Google Slides Apps

There is a new app Google Slides which can be used for iOS devices. Using this up-to-date application you will increase the integration with Microsoft Office. We all use Google apps on a daily basis. Can you imagine your life without Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Sheets and other files of Microsoft Office. It is true that Google Slides has been lagged somewhere between Sheets and Docs. However, once you download a new Slides application for iOS devices, you will increase the integration a lot.

Google Apps – Writing Without Errors

Would you like to keep your Gmail, Google Docs or Google Slides free from any kind of mistakes? In this article we are going to discover some efficient ways to keep your writing in Google apps without mistakes.