Using Google Applications As A Pro

Would you like to learn how to use Google applications as a professional? In this article you will learn how to manage the most popular apps like a pro. Google has many great features and the one we need is called “Control Feature”, “Reports” and “Device Management”. These features will help you to have all your bases and needs covered. Also the mentioned features will make it easier to stay well-informed about all the data you keep in Google applications. Also if you work as IT admin, it is even possible to manage Google applications directly in bulk.

Popular Google Apps Can Increase Your Productivity

This blog post is devoted to tips which can increase your presentation productivity. We are going to brush up our knowledge of Google Apps. It goes without saying that data we keep in Google apps is very important. That is why we have to be aware of all ins and outs about the way these Google apps work. Below you will find the best and the most efficient tips to boost your productivity.

Google Applications – Modifying Language Settings

Do you use popular applications of Google? Then you have to know how to modify the language. In this article you are going to discover how to make such settings. There is a good saying that you can learn the language only after immersing into it. The best way to immerse into a foreign language is by adjusting the settings of languages in Google applications. We all use Google apps on a regular basis and such simple trick with language settings will help you a lot.

Google Slides Presentations - Inserting Non YouTube Videos

People who want to insert videos (not from YouTube resource) into Google Slides presentations will find the following article very helpful. It has all necessary information to create a stunning Google Slides presentation.

Saving Space And Time Using Google Chrome

This information is valuable as it saves our time while working with Google Chrome. Get ready to discover some tips.

Google Drive – Keyboard Shortcuts For Creating New Items

People who use Google Drive will find the following keyboard shortcuts very useful as they make the process of creating new items much faster.

Google Slides Presentations – Speed Up Editing With Master Slide

The editing of your Google Slides presentation can be speeded up simply by using Master Slide. This article is devoted to a simple but very efficient trick which can change your whole Google Slides presentation.